Caroline Campo, Super Bowl XLVI

Caroline Campo
Super Bowl XLVI Caroline Campo

How did you obtain this internship?
I obtained this internship by applying through the media studies department through an email that was sent out by Andrew Miller. I had to submit a short paragraph on why I thought I should be selected. GPA and seniority were also huge parts of the selection process.

What were your responsibilities throughout the internship?
We had much to do the six days we were down there. We assisted with pre-production prior to game day, facilitated set up and break down, assisted with production during the week to ensure a smooth progression of events on Sunday.  We worked with NFL Films to learn about on-location setup, technical knowledge regarding cameras, organizational skills to assist in the professional field of sports broadcasting and live television. On game day, we were there to assist in making sure everything ran smoothly.

What was your most memorable moment?
My most memorable moment was when the Giants won the Super Bowl and I, being a Giants fan, got to run out on the field and celebrate with them. I was standing just a few feet away from some of the athletes I watch on TV every Sunday during football season.

Would you potentially want a job at that company?
Yes, I “caught the bug” as they say. My dream is to be a sports broadcaster/sideline reporter so seeing how they do their job first hand was the best experience I could have asked for.

Would you recommend this internship?
YES! I think every media studies student (even if you are not a football fan) should start applying as a freshman so they can work their way up to obtaining it as a senior. This was the best on the job experience I could get.

How does this internship connect with your experience at SHU?
Every production class that I have taken at SHU to teach me how to use cameras and what the people behind the job do was put into use.

Do you have any advice for SHU students looking for internships?
Nobody is going to hand you a job or ask you to interview for them.  You have to go out and apply yourself, and start early!


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