Dario Melendez '08



Dario Melendez, Class of 2008

Degree: Media Studies

Current Job Position: WINK-TV Sports Anchor/Reporter

How long have you held this position? Since October 2009 Dario Melendez

Previous Work Experience: WINK-TV Part-time Sports Producer

Internships completed while at SHU: ABC Sports Miami (WPLG) NBC Sports New York City (WNBC)

How did you decide what career you would pursue? Are you currently working in a position that you had intended to do when you graduated college?

I have always loved sports! Playing them.Watching them Talking about them. At first, it was print journalism. I loved the Spectrum, writing sports articles for the paper and covering events but print journalism is not a very popular media; sad but true. Radio seemed like the next option but it didn’t really float my boat. So I was left with TV! I got serious about it my Junior year, interning at ABC in Miami then NBC in NYC. Made my first reel tape, which was TERRIBLE. Sent out tapes and resume to literally 300 stations around the country and got rejected by all of them!! Finally got a call for a part-time Sports Producing gig at the CBS affiliate in Ft. Myers, Fla.-Pretty much just writing scripts, shooting highlights, and editing sports clips. Every now and then I’d do a story.

A year went by, finally got a shot to anchor live and I haven’t looked back!

How did SHU assist you in gaining the skills required to do your job?

Sacred Heart helped me by allowing me to do everything. The next generation of journalist must be able to do it all! Write, speak, edit, shoot, produce, anchor, interview, investigate. EVERYTHING! It’s a new world and a new type of game and the more you can do, the more you whiling to do, the more valuable you are as a journalist.
SHU is a smaller university and because of that, it allowed me to tap into all of the skills I need to get the job I have today.

What do you find to be the most essential skill that you gained as a student at Sacred Heart?

As I said already, having small, focused classes with professors that took the time to really get hands on with me, allowed me to become the a well rounded sports journalist.

What advise would you give to students interested in pursuing a career in your field?

Take every opportunity given to you. Learn how to create stories with no help. Be your own camera man, your own writer, your own editor. It’s a new world and the more you can do the more valuable you are.  But the most important thing, never take “NO” for an answer. You are going to be rejected over and over and over again. And you can take the “no” and move on to being a Burger King employee or you can say “why not” and fight your way to the top by improving and do what it takes to be a Television Personality!