Amy Van Buren, Ph.D.

Amy Van Buren, Ph.D.

Amy is a licensed clinical psychologist. After majoring in English as an undergraduate and loving trying to understand the lives of characters in novels and stories, she decided she wanted to work with "live" people. She took two years off school, worked in a variety of settings (including a bunch of temp jobs as well as a job in a psychology lab at SUNY Stony Brook) and studied really hard for the GRE's. She then got accepted to Emory University in Atlanta, GA. where she her doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1994. At Emory she was lucky enough to work with Dr. Steve Nowicki, who taught her just about everything she knows about adult and child relationships.

Amy and Steve, along with Marshall Duke, have a book out (2008) called Starting Kids Off Right, in which they pooled their collective knowledge about how to help kids from birth to age 12 develop healthy relationships. Click here to read more about the book on Amazon.

Amy currently teaches full-time and most of her students are either brand-new freshman (Introduction to Psychology) or ready-to-graduate seniors (Psychology Internship). A few are sophomores and juniors right in the middle of the college experience (Psychology of Personality).

In addition to teaching psychology, Amy is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200). She enjoys talking with students

Degrees and Certifications

    Ph.D., MA, Clinical Psychology, Emory University; BA, English, Williams College

Teaching Responsibilities

    Introduction to Psychology, Psychological Counseling I and II, Personality, Abnormal Psychology, and Psychology Internship

Research Interests & Grants

    Amy's current interests are in yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) as adjunctive or alternative forms of treatment for anxiety and depression. Amy is also interested in interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, expressive and receptive nonverbal behavior, and adult attachment.

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