Associate's Degree

Associate in Arts General Studies

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What will I study?

Our Associate degree will prepare you to critically engage the core questions of life. You will understand what religion is, how religions develop and the tenets of various religious traditions.

You will also gain a theological appreciation for Christian and specifically Catholic history and theology. Our program ensures that you experience the rich and diverse history of theology and how that tradition bears on contemporary questions in science, culture, and politics.

Emphasis Requirements | 15 credits

  • Four Religious Studies electives

Is an Associate's Degree in General Studies right for me?

This degree is offered through University College. The Associates program is well suited for you if you desire to get a B.A. in Religious Studies at a future date but would like an intermediate degree in the meantime. This degree program is also appropriate for those already involved in ministry work and would like to get started on the process of getting a degree.

Will I have internship opportunities?

Yes, students in all majors are encouraged to complete an internship. If you are interested in pursuing an internship, you should contact the Career Development and Placement Center for assistance in finding appropriate opportunities. Any internship for credit must also be approved in advance by the academic department.

Companies our students typically intern with:

  • NPR
  • Commonweal Magazine

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Are there special admission requirements?

No, we have an open admissions policy. Incoming first-year students, returning students, and transfer students may declare the Theology & Religious Studies concentration when you apply for admission to Sacred Heart University.

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What are my career opportunities with an Associate Degree?

Here are just a few of the careers you may pursue with this degree:

  • Non-Profit sector
  • Church administration or ministry
    • Church administration
    • Youth Ministry

Want to hear about more opportunities?

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