The Band is proud to keep traditions of the University alive. These traditions are what have helped our program maintain a standard of excellence and longevity through our University’s history. While there are many more traditions that our members learn while in our program, there are several traditions that we are proud to keep in the public eye.

Crazy Train

In 2010 the Band was asked by #22, Chauncy Hardy of the men's basketball team to play Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train as part of the teams warm-up sequence before the start of the game. The song quickly became a team and a band favorite.

After he graduated from SHU, Chauncy began to play professional basketball in Romania. In October 2011, one week away from Midnight Madness, Chauncey was killed in an altercation in a nightclub following a game. As a tribute, pep bands across the country joined with the SHU Band by playing "Crazy Train" as part of their Midnight Madness events. The Sacred Heart Band continues to honor his memory by playing the song at the start of every basketball game.

At The Chapel

Forty-five minutes prior to the start of every home football game, the marching band marches to the Chapel and plays Amazing Grace and Eternal Father.

In the fall of 2009 Sacred Heart University dedicated the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. This was a tremendous addition to our University and community and so the band began a tradition of playing outside the chapel before each home football game. This serves as a reminder that it's the people we share our lives with, and make music with, that is more important than a steel, glass and concrete building.

While this tradition started as a musical blessing before football games, it took on a more personal meaning in the Fall of 2014. Kait Doorhy, a member of the alto sax section, was killed in an accident at the very beginning of the school year. This tragedy served as a reminder for everyone to never take any moment for granted. We now keep this tradition going strong in memory of Kait and her enthusiasm for life.