University Band

University Band is the umbrella title that encompasses Concert Band, Marching Band, and Pep Band.  

For Marching Band in the fall semester, the percussion section is split into two sections, the drumline and the pit. At the end of each school year, returning members will audition for placement for the following year. Incoming students are required to complete an audition with the band staff prior to being accepted into the program. Percussionists move in for band camp two weeks before the start of the school year. The first week is percussion only and then the rest of the band moves in for the second week.  

Percussion - Pit Band - Drumline

For Concert Band, around six to eight percussionists will be selected by the band staff to be the percussion section. Students interested in being considered for these positions should contact the band staff. This ensemble plays contemporary and traditional works for concert band, symphonic band, and wind ensemble. This is an orchestral-type of ensemble that requires an understanding and basic facility around all percussion instruments

Concert Band Concert Band

For Pep Band, a drumset player and an auxiliary percussionist are used. There are auditions for these positions about half way through the fall semester. These drummers will follow the rotation schedule with the rest of the pep band for basketball and hockey games as well as any special events where the pep band performs.

Pep Band

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is an ensemble unlike any other. In addition to traditional instruments like marimbas, snare drums, timpani, concert toms, crotales, bass drum, etc., members also perform on things like clay pots, metal pipes, lighters, and anything else that can make a noise! Members of the percussion ensemble are expected to spend a good deal of time outside of rehearsals learning parts. The ensemble performs many different types of ensemble pieces including concerto-style features, battery pieces, mallet quartets, triangle sextets, body percussion, mixed ensemble pieces, and much more! It is where our percussionists learn how to be effective complete musicians. The percussion ensemble is a regular performer at the Connecticut Day of Percussion and members are required to be active members of the Percussive Arts Society.

Heartbeat Percussion

Heartbeat Percussion is Drumline meets Stomp meets Blast. It is our performance ensemble for half-time of basketball games and outside events for hire! This is a high-energy ensemble that exists to get the heartbeat of audience members pumping! Drums, Cans, Pipes, Cymbals, Shouting...you name it, we do it.

Pep Band Pep Band