Choir Prospective Members

Welcome to the SHU Choir Family!  Regardless of what voice part you are or what music you sing, we have a place for you.  We have a lot of different ensembles so please make sure that you take a look around our site to learn some more aout them.   All members of the performing arts must complete an audition. The audition is just a way for you to learn a bit more about our program, see our facilities & campus, and meet some current members of the program. They are not for admittance into the program where you have to have a certain skill level of you're not allowed in.. We just want to see you perform what makes you look and sound the best!
>> Fill out a Prospective Member Form to request some more information, ask specific questions, or to schedule an audition

For vocal audition information, contact Dr. John Michniewicz, Director of Choral Programs.

Students applying to Sacred Heart University should: 

  • Apply to SHU through Admissions
  • Submit CSS Profile & FAFSA forms to Financial Aid (if needed)
  • Contact the Choir Staff to schedule an audition date
For information on financial aid through any of the performing arts areas, visit our Financial Aid page.

Students should not wait until they are accepted to schedule an audition. We will do our best to schedule auditions at times that allow you to also go on a campus tour.