Dance Program Schedule

Dance Company Classes

Dance classes, non-credit: Fall 2014
These classes are reserved for SHU Dance Company members, and may vary per semester.

Fall Semester 2014

  • Tap, Tuesdays 3PM - 5PM
  • Jazz, Wednesdays 4PM - 6PM
  • Contemporary, Fridays 1PM - 3pm
  • Ballet, Sundays 9AM -10:30AM
  • Hip Hop, TBA

Weekend Choreography (Ballet and Hip hop)
These classes are semester long and will begin with the start of fall 2014 semester courses.

  • TBD

Choreography Classes
Schedules will be announced at the start of each semester (expect weekend scheduling).

Dance Ensemble

  • Monday – Thursday 8PM - 12AM
  • Saturdays 10AM - 2PM
  • Sundays 12PM - 5PM

All students will not be dancing all days and all times, the Dance Ensemble will be divided up and each dancer will receive a schedule that will reflect specific times within the blocks listed above. Students will alternate between Saturday and Sunday practices, if both days are necessary. Schedule will be announced at the start of each semester (expect some weekend scheduling)

Ballroom Dance Ensemble

  • TBD

Irish Step Ensemble

  • TBD

Hip Hop Ensemble

  • TBD

*All Dance Program schedules are subject to change*