Dance Program Schedule

Spring 2016

Hip Hop Class 8-9:15am Monday, Thursday Pitt Center
Irish Dance Ensemble 11-12:30 (mon) 8-9pm (wed) Monday, Wednesday Pitt Center
Ballroom Dance Ensemble 2-330 (wed) 6-830pm (thurs) Wednesday, Thursday  
Hip Hop Ensemble 9:30-11pm Wednesday Pitt Center
Kickline 10-11pm Monday UC
Dance Ensemble 8-11pm, 12-4 (Sun) Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday UC and Pitt Center
Dance Company 4-6pm (Wed), 1-4, 6:30-8:30 (Fri) Wednesday, Friday Pitt Center
Love is in the Air (show) 6:30 PM Saturday, February 13 Edgerton
Irish Pride (show) 6:30 PM Thursday, March 17 Edgerton
Spring Finale 2:00 PM Saturday, April 23 Edgerton
Spring Spectacular 6:30 PM Saturday, April 23 Edgerton
Strictly Ballroom 6:30 PM TBD UC

*All Dance Program schedules are subject to change*