MA 133

Statistics for Business Majors

  1. Introduction to Statistics
    a) Nature of statistical data
    b) Frequency distributions
    c) Graphical presentations

  2. Descriptive Statistics
    a) Mean, median, mode, quartiles
    b) Variance, standard deviation, range, interquartile range 
    c) Chebyshev's Theorem
    d) The Empirical Rule
    e) z-score

  3. Probability
    a) Concepts and rules 
    b) Permutations and combinations
    c) Conditional probability 
    d) Binomial Distribution
    e) Normal Distribution

  4. Sampling Distributions and Confidence Intervals
    a) Methods and error in sampling
    b) Central Limit Theorem
    c) Confidence intervals
    d) Determination of sample size

  5. Hypothesis Testing
    a) Large and small samples
    b) Critical value and p-value methods
    c) Tests for means and proportions
    d) Type I and Type II error

  6. Linear Regression
    a) Equation of regression line 
    b) Correlation / Goodness of Fit

Learning Outcome 1: The student will demonstrate an ability to calculate and interpret descriptive statistics.

Learning Outcome 2: The student will demonstrate an ability to compute and interpret probabilities.

Learning Outcome 3: The student will demonstrate an ability to use statistics in making decisions.