MA 006

MA 006 - Intermediate Algebra

*This is a 3 credit Developmental Algebra course that DOES NOT count towards Graduation Requirements

  1. Review of Elementary Algebra
    a) Operations with real numbers
    b) Order of operations
    c) Solutions of equations

    d) Inequalities

    e) Absolute values
  2. Graphing Linear Equations
    a) Graphing equations
    b) Slope and y-intercept
    c) Writing equations of a straight line
    d) Introduction to functions

  3. Polynomials
    a) Exponents
    b) Operations with polynomials
    c) Factoring
       i) Greatest common factor/grouping
       ii) Trinomials
       iii) Binomials: difference of two perfect squares
    d) Quadratic equations - solve by factoring

  4. Rational Expressions
    a) Operations
    b) Solving rational equations

  5. Radical Expressions
    a) Rational exponents
    b) Simplifying radicals
    c) Operations with radicals
  6. Quadratic Equations
    a) Solve by completing the square
    b) Quadratic formula