Adult Education Programs in Ireland

Adult Education Program to Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Irish Culture, History and Language
June 7–14, 2014

Irish Studies Teach in Dingle IrelandImmerse yourself in the heart of Irish culture and landscape for an entire week.

Hosted by Dr. John Roney, Chair and Professor of History, Sacred Heart University, and by Séan Pól O’Conchúir, Director for the SHU Dingle campus and a prime contributor to the “Rosetta Stone” Learning Irish program.

A seven-day program encompassing various elements of Irish culture, its people and its history. A mixture of history, anthropology, music, spirituality, archeology and Irish language. Learn about this beautiful country and culture from local experts, and experience one of the most beautiful places in the world. “Set dancing” lessons and a traditional Irish singing night, not to mention pub music sessions, will add to your enjoyment of the experience.

Registration closes February 21, 2014

For further information or to register for the program:  Contact Dr. John Roney or telephone 203-396-8463

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