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 Irish Studies Teach in Dingle Ireland
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‌The Center for Irish Cultural Studies promotes the study, understanding, and appreciation of Irish and Celtic culture, history, and language through a variety of academic programs, public lectures, music concerts and other performing arts programs, and study abroad at the SHU campus in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland.

The minor in Irish Studies at Sacred Heart University is designed to offer students an opportunity for an in-depth study in one of the most multi-disciplinary studies available in undergraduate programs, including Irish and Celtic culture, history, language, literature, music, politics, religion and society. A distinctive feature of the program is study at SHU’s campus in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland, and an emphasis on patterns of socio-cultural and political change in contemporary Ireland and the place of Ireland in the modern world.

In addition to offering a minor in Irish Studies, Sacred Heart University also offers undergraduate study abroad experiences, both full semester and two-week sessions.


SHU in Dingle


Sacred Heart University operates its program in Ireland through a partnership with the Díseart Centre of Irish Spirituality and Culture, located in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland (one of Ireland’s officially-designated "Gaeltacht," or Irish-speaking, districts). Through this partnership SHU in Dingle offers short-term and semester programs of study. Course offerings include anthropology, archaeology, history, Gaelic language, literature, media studies, music, geology, and religious studies.‌‌


 Latest News

Bloomberg: Here's Why Ireland Is Set to Be a Winner

June 20, 2017

"Ireland will grow at the fastest pace among euro-area economies this year, despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit negotiations, according to the latest Bloomberg Surveys. “Ireland is clearly the most exposed within the EU to Brexit risk and that will probably lead to a slowdown in growth. However, falling unemployment and a strengthening construction sector should continue to see Ireland as one of the top performers within the EU, at least for the next couple of years or so,” said Alan McQuaid, chief economist at Merrion Capital in Dublin."

RTE: Rare giant squid caught off Dingle

May 16, 2017

"An extremely rare giant squid, measuring nearly six metres long, has been landed off Dingle, Co Kerry. The 5.8m (19') squid was caught by the crew of the fishing vessel Cú na Mara during a trawl on the Porcupine Bank, 120 miles west of Dingle."

Professor and Two Students Travel to Ireland for Internet of Things Conference

March 30, 2017

FAIRFIELD, Conn.—A professor and two students from Sacred Heart University recently traveled to Dingle, Ireland, to participate in a weekend-long event focused on the Internet of Things, a network of linked devices, machines, buildings and other items that collect and exchange information.