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 Irish Studies Teach in Dingle Ireland
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her Spring Semester 2013 trip to Dingle

‌The Center for Irish Cultural Studies promotes the study, understanding, and appreciation of Irish and Celtic culture, history, and language through a variety of academic programs, public lectures, music concerts and other performing arts programs, and study abroad at the SHU campus in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland.

The minor in Irish Studies at Sacred Heart University is designed to offer students an opportunity for an in-depth study in one of the most multi-disciplinary studies available in undergraduate programs, including Irish and Celtic culture, history, language, literature, music, politics, religion and society. A distinctive feature of the program is study at SHU’s campus in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland, and an emphasis on patterns of socio-cultural and political change in contemporary Ireland and the place of Ireland in the modern world.

In addition to offering a minor in Irish Studies, Sacred Heart University also offers undergraduate study abroad experiences, both full semester and two-week sessions.


SHU in Dingle


Sacred Heart University operates its program in Ireland through a partnership with the Díseart Centre of Irish Spirituality and Culture, located in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland (one of Ireland’s officially-designated "Gaeltacht," or Irish-speaking, districts). Through this partnership SHU in Dingle offers short-term and semester programs of study. Course offerings include anthropology, archaeology, history, Gaelic language, literature, media studies, music, geology, and religious studies.‌‌


 Latest News

Áille na hÁille - A Terrible Beauty

September 21, 2016

Fairfield, Conn. - The Gaelic American Club of Fairfield and the Center for Irish Cultural Studies at Sacred Heart University will host Áille na hÁille (A Terrible Beauty): A Suite in Honor of the Heroes of 1916 at the Edgerton Center for Performing Arts on Oct.29 at 8 p.m. For ticket information, call the Edgerton box office at 203-371-7908 or visit

Kevin Crawford: The Irish Flute

September 14, 2016

Fairfield, Conn. - Sacred Heart University's Center for Irish Cultural Studies and the Department of Music will host Irish flute player Kevin Crawford on Thursday, September 29, at 5:30 p.m. in M102 in the main academic building on campus.

Student Serves Internship in Ireland

July 8, 2016

FAIRFIELD, Conn.—A Sacred Heart University sophomore is the first student enrolled in SHU’s semester program in Dingle, Ireland, to obtain an internship while abroad. Deana Kosmalski, 19, is studying nursing and business management. She began working at WK Fitness gym in January when the semester program began. She spent four days a week, six hours a day at the gym, learning more about health as well as the ins and outs of managing a business.