History Minor in Global Studies

Students must complete 6 courses, for a total of 18 credits.

I.  GS 150: World Geography is mandatory for all students

15 credits distributed over at least three of the following five clusters of courses, with no more than 6 credits per cluster.

II. Anthropology, Sociology and Criminal Justice
AN 102 Cultural Anthropology 
AN 201 World Anthropology
SO 239 Human Diversity and Oppression in Contemporary Society
SO 254 Society and Economic Change
SO 354 Global Health and Illness
CJ 252 Comparative Criminal Justice
SO 354 Global Health and Illness

III. History
HI 207 History of Latin American to 1826
HI 208 History of Latin America Since 1826
HI 212 Twentieth-Century Latin America  
HI 218 Modern France
HI 236 History of the Arab World
HI 283 The History of Modern China to 1921 
HI 285 China in Revolution
HI 300 The Vietnam War

IV. Political Science
PO 122 Introduction to International Relations
PO 240 War
PO 241 Peace
PO 242 International Organizations
PO 311 Comparative Western European Politics
PO 312 Comparative Eastern European Politics
PO 313 The Politics of European Integration
PO 314 Middle Eastern Politics
PO 315 Latin American Politics
PO 299 African Politics
PO 299 Terrorism

V. Religious Studies
RS 213 Comparative Religion
RS 214 Introduction to Eastern Religions
RS 215 Introduction to Islam
RS 216 Celtic Religious Tradition
RS 217 Introduction to Western Religions
RS 219 Women in World Religions
RS 299 Holocaust Literature

VI. International Business/ Business Economics
BU/IB 233 International Business Law
BU/IB 278 Principles of International Business
BU 375 E-Commerce
MK/IB 264 International Marketing 
EC 322 International Economics
EC 342 European Economic Integration
FN/IB 316 International Financial Management 

Students should pursue the B.A. degree in the interest of obtaining proficiency in a foreign language.

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