Richard Naclerio, MA

Richard A. Naclerio, MA

Adjunct Instructor

Prior to joining the adjunct faculty in 2013, Prof. Naclerio enjoyed success in business most of his life. He is an Academic Advisor at Sacred Heart University and is a member of the American Historical Association, the New York Historical Society, the Economic History Association, the Economic and Business Historical Society, and The National History Honors Society (Phi Alpha Theta).

Degrees and Certifications

    • BA from Iona College
    • MA from Iona College – Awarded the History Graduate Medal

Teaching Responsibilities

    The Human Journey through Ancient Civilizations

    Advisement Responsibilities

    • Academic Advisor to freshmen and transfer students

Research Interests & Grants

    • United States Economic History
    • Banking and Corporate History of the United States
    • Thesis - The Federal Reserve, Paul M. Warburg, and Benjamin Strong Jr.: Money, Power, and Politics

Publications and Presentations

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    • Paul M. Warburg: Founder of the United States Federal Reserve was accepted to the 2015 Annual Conference of the National Business and Economic Society & the 2013 Fall Conference of the New England Historical Association
    • Benjamin Strong Jr.: The Common Monetary Thread was accepted to the 2014 Fall Conference of the New England Historical Association
Richard Naclerio

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