Debate Society

The University's Debating Society was founded by the former President of Sacred Heart University, Dr. Thomas P. Melady in 1983. The Society was formed and coached for ten years by Dr. Gary L. Rose, who joined the Sacred Heart Faculty in 1982. Currently, the Debating Society is coached by Ms. Jane Carlin of the English Department.

The Debating Society is a member of the highly competitive American Parliamentary Debate Association, which includes the most prestigious colleges and Universities in the world, including, among others, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Brown.

Students who enjoy argumentation and the challenge of extemporaneous debate are encouraged to join this select organization. The Society debates throughout the New England region and routinely participates in the National and World Debate Tournaments. The Debating Society is housed in the Department of Government and Politics. A glistening trophy case in the foyer of the University's Library displays the outstanding efforts of the Society's dedicated debators throughout the years.