Placement Instructions


  • If you have never studied Spanish before, or if you have not had experience with the language (formal study, study abroad, language spoken in your family) within the past five years, you do not need to take the placement exam.
  • The placement exam should be taken by the deadline indicated. Failure to meet this deadline may cause enrollment in language courses to be delayed.

Please read all of the instructions below before you take the exam
  • The exam length will vary according to your level, but should not take more than approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • Enter password: pioneers1 (ends with the digit one [1])


  • Select the language: Spanish
  • Read the on-screen instructions and enter the information requested in the spaces provided.

  • Complete the language background survey. An incomplete survey will delay your placement.

  • In submitting your survey and completing the placement exam, you attest that you took the exam without assistance and put forth your best effort.  You also attest that you did not use any dictionaries, textbooks, or other notes in taking the exam.

  • Click on "Continue". The first screen is a practice item. After that, you will begin the exam.

  • Your placement score will be displayed at the end of the exam. You should print the score page and keep it for your records. Please be advised that this score does not necessarily correspond to your placement into Sacred Heart University courses. Placement will ultimately be determined by the department. Incoming Freshmen will be informed of placement at Freshman Orientation. Freshmen and upperclassmen may also be contacted by a language representative or coordinator. 

  • Be sure to click on "Finished" to send a copy of this information to Sacred Heart University.