Placement Instructions

Program Information

  • Courses are offered at all levels in Spanish, French and Italian.
  • SHU has a major in Spanish and minors in Spanish and Italian.
  • Courses are occasionally offered in Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Gaelic and Latin. These courses are at the first-year level.
  • Students with prior background in a language are not permitted to choose the level at which they will begin their study. The department will make placement decisions based on language background and placement exam results, as applicable.

Who needs to take a foreign language placement exam?

  • Students who plan to take either Spanish, French, or Italian and who have any previous experience in the language (junior high school or high school study, study abroad, experience speaking the language with family, etc.) within the past five years

For incoming Freshmen, preferred deadline for completion of placement exam:
As soon as possible (prior to registration, if possible)

For all other students, deadline for completion of placement exam:
prior to appointment with advisor

Who does NOT need to take a placement exam?

  • Students taking Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and Latin; these courses are offered at the beginning level and designed for students without background in the language
  • Students who would like to take Spanish, French, or Italian and who have no prior study or experience in the language (no formal study, study abroad where these languages are spoken, experience speaking the language with their families within the past five years); these students may register for first-semester courses 
  • Students who transfer language course credit from another college or university; these students may enroll in the next level course
  • Students who earned a high school diploma outside the United States where the courses were conducted in Spanish, French, or Italian; these students would enroll in courses at the level of SP/FR/IT 251 and above

Please follow the links below for instructions for the language you plan to study:

More Information

Mark Mascia, Ph.D.
Spanish Coordinator 
Tel: 203-371-7816
Claire Marrone, Ph.D.
Chair of Foreign Languages and Cultures
Tel: 203-371-7821