Comprehensive Examination Policy

The Comprehensive Examination for the MACJ is administered twice during the academic year. The exam is distributed during the second week of November in the fall semester and the second week of April in the spring semester. The exam includes material studied in the core requirements of the program. The examination is not given during the summer semesters. Procedures and grading guidelines for the exam are distributed to students at the time the exam is administered and are also available from the graduate program director, Patrick Morris, Ph.D.

Students are eligible to take the exam if they will have completed the required 30 credits during the semester in which the exam is given. Students must notify the graduate program director, Dr. Jacobs, of their intention to take this exam during the first 2 weeks of the semester in which they want to take the exam. The program director will verify their eligibility and have them registered for the exam. The exam offers no credit and has no fee.

Students are allowed two attempts at passing the comprehensive exam. Students who fail the exam twice may be allowed a third attempt at the discretion of the graduate program director. Students who fail the exam three times will not receive a degree from the program.