Senior Project

This course is the culmination of a computer science/information technology major's specialized training at Sacred Heart University. It is based on using and further developing the skills and knowledge gained in previous courses. Students originate research, design, develop, implement, present and defend a major project. The course meets collectively for three weeks in order to hone writing and communication skills. Then the student proceeds individually or in teams under the guidance of the course coordinator and a faculty mentor.

Course Goals and Objectives

  • Students will learn to assess the needs of the user.
  • Students will learn to use design techniques to formulate solutions to design problems.
  • Students will learn how to read, summarize and critique published scientific articles, books and selected case studies.
  • Students will present their final projects to the class and explain their design considerations.
  • Students will learn to use CAD and simulation design tools.
  • Students will learn the importance of software testing in creating responsibly designed software.
  • Students will learn the value of independent research.

Senior Project Titles



Next Day Air Service


Home Automation

Recipe Planner


Softball Manager

CS Advisor




Top Dog Communications

SVG map of SHU


Entertainment Square

Online Journal

Fraternity Web Site


Aptrack/Human Resources Track

Web Design Lessons


Info CD for SHU Equestrian Team

F&C Incorporated


Test Maker 2001

Dragon Slayer





Int'l Center Multimedia CD

Rocks and Lasers


AC Tech Corp Data Mgmt Suite

lex and syntactical analyzers


The Evolution of Animation

Bug Tracker


NSSF Literature

Online Comic Book



MGP Homerun Derby


Geosim 1.0

Coliseum Event Planner
Child Identification System
Adaptive Web Page
Algorithms Web Site
Textbook Inventory
Lost in History



Long Trip Home
Virtual University Interactive Game
Fantasy Football
Inmate Tracking System