Game Design & Development Track

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Game Design & Development, a new track in the computer science department, began in the fall of 2009.  The Princeton Review has recognized SHU's game design program as one of the best in the United States and Canada.

With the surge in interactive computer games for both learning and entertainment, the need for developers has risen and the industry is experiencing a severe shortage of game programmers.  In order to prepare students to meet this demand, a special track has been developed within the Computer Science concentration.  This track, which consists of courses focusing on the design and development of computer games, will provide students with a strong base in computer science as well as a concentration in game design and development.  Students who complete the program will be awarded a B.S. degree in Computer Science.

The Game Design & Development Track is designed to provide individuals with skills in game design, development, storyboarding, animation, creation of objects, programming languages and action scripting.  The courses in the gaming tract will:

• provide an overview of the game creation process
• provide a strong foundation in computer graphics
• allow the individual to work individually and in collaboration with fellow students in the development of games
• explore animation, sound and music as components of game design

Upon completion of the degree, the student will be better equipped to enter the field of game development as a professional.

Required Courses for the Computer Science Concentration
CS 111 Introduction to Structured Programming
CS 112 Data Structures
CS 113 Discrete Structures
CS 215 Computer Organization
CS 312 Software Engineering
CS 318 Project Course
CS 319 Computer Ethics
CS 341 Algorithms
CS 349 Operating Systems

Required Supporting Courses
MA 140 Pre-calculus
MA 151 Calculus
AR 110 Visual Organization
AR 214 Photoshop and Illustrator

Gaming Courses Required:
CS 171 Introduction to Computer Gaming  Designing the vector gaming environment; Storyboarding;  Tween and frame-by-frame animation;  Using functions to control animation timelines;  Using random number functions to instantiate digital objects;  Artifact movement utilizing vector plot points. 

CS 271 Advanced Computer Gaming  An object-oriented approach to programming digital objects using Flash and Action Script 3.0.  These programming techniques will be applied to both arcade and adventure games.
Prerequisite: CS 171

CS 272 OOP with C# and Games  An object-oriented approach to computer graphics using C#.  Topics covered will include:  classes, instantiation, event listeners, polymorphism, encapsulation, event handlers, functions and methods, and basic game logic.
Prerequisite: CS 271

CS 371 Advanced Game Programming A game oriented programming course focusing on advanced graphics techniques using OpenGL and/or DirectX. Prerequisite:CS 272

CS 372 Building Games  In this class we explore how logic and creativity work together in the well designed computer game. Topics include: genres of games; character development and gameplay; new and developing gaming concepts; creation  and use of  gaming engines;  the role of sound and music; teaching a  game to think. Prerequisite:CS 371