Program Goals

The following goals were developed as a reflection of the Computer Science/Information Technology (CS/IT) program philosophy and mission:

  1. CS/IT majors will demonstrate competence in problem solving based on the application of logic and mathematics to developing, adapting and understanding algorithms and data.
  2. They will be able to employ the components of the scientific method (as it applies to CS/IT):
    • understanding of a problem;
    • formal specification of a problem;
    • experimental design;
    • implementation of a solution;
    • output data analysis;
    • communication of results.
  3. CS/IT majors will graduate with an understanding and appreciation of the connections between levels of design and organization as they pertain to systems, inter, software, hardware, networks and operating systems.
  4. CS/IT majors will be able to thoughtfully communicate and integrate ideas in both oral and written form.
  5. CS/IT majors will graduate with proficiency in design, computer programming, and machine organization.
  6. CS/IT majors will be able to work effectively in groups as both leaders and collaborators.
  7. CS/IT majors will graduate with an appreciation of the complexity and ambiguity of ethical issues relevant to the development, acquisition, dissemination, and responsible use of technology and be able to apply ethical principles in their personal and professional lives.
  8. The CS/IT programs will encourage intellectual engagement leading to lifelong learning and independent research.
  9. CS/IT majors will be grounded in theory so that they can keep up with the dynamic changes in technology.