Computer Gaming Design and Development Master’s Degree Program Track

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This track in the MSCIS program is designed for the student who has:

  1. already completed an undergraduate track in Computer Gaming OR
  2. has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science OR
  3. has completed the graduate Gaming Design and Development certificate.

‌The objective of the track is to take the student beyond the rudiments of game design and development into more advanced Gaming or areas such as 3-D Game design and Game Design for mobile devices. It is intended that this track be structured for students who have pursued a CS track OR who have sufficient mathematical and programming credentials to successfully complete the required courses.

The Princeton Review includes Sacred Heart University in their list of the best undergraduate and graduate institutions in the United States and Canada where you can study video game design.

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Degree Requirements

Prerequisite Courses | If required
CS 501 Data Structures 3 credits
CS 573 Advanced Programming or Equivalent 3 credits
Required Courses
CS 551 Introduction to OOP with Java 3 credits

CS 603

Database Design (Oracle)

3 credits

CS 615

Programming in Unix OR CS611 Operating Systems

3 credits

CS 622

Network Security I

3 credits

CS 614 Theory of Computation 3 credits

CS 661

Game Design and Development Using 3-D

3 credits

CS 662

Game Design, Development and Implementation

3 credits

CS 663

Game Design for Mobile Devices

3 credits

CS 664 Advanced Topics in Multiplayer Gaming 3 credits

CS 670

Research Project Seminar, OR

3 credits

CS 690-91

Thesis Work (I and/or II)

3-6 credits


30-33 credits

Choose 2 CS electives (if non-thesis or 1 CS elective (if thesis from the list below)

CS 602 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms 3 credits
CS 604 Software Engineering 3 credits
CS 623 Network Security 3 credits
CS 642 Artificial Intelligence (highly recomended elective) 3 credits
  or other elective approved by Program Director  
  Total for elective course 3-6 credits
  Degree Total 36 Credit