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Master's Project

The student works with a faculty advisor in defining a short research or implementation project. For a research project, the student surveys relevant literature, critically analyzes the state of the art and possibly synthesizes improvements. For an implementation project, the student implements and tests a solution to the chosen problem. The project could involve a combination of research and implementation. At the end of the project, the student writes a report approved by the faculty member and make a public presentation on the work. This requirement can also be met by doing a substantial research project as outlined in the course description for CS690 and CS691.

Master's Project Titles

Exploring C++ Operator Overload Capabilities

Turing Simulator

Internet Giant Extensible Mapping Bot

Online Book Ordering System

Context Definition Platform Semantic
Equivalence Engine Companion Toolbox

Active Devices: The Crossing Paths of .NET
and E-Commerce

J2EE Architectures and Security

A Drop of XML

Web Based Training for Automobile Repair

A Better Broker

Dynamic Career Management Tool

Synapse Asset Tracker

Structured Programming and OOP with ADA

Data Management through a Website

Web Site Design for Global Sale VHS

Is Macromedia Communication Server an
improvement over Dynamic Web Pages?


InSite Reporting System