Database Design

The database design graduate certificate will help prepare the IT professional for a career as a database specialist or aid the newcomer in obtaining a job in this field. It will also prepare someone for one of many other information systems careers in which knowledge of database concepts, the design and implementation of databases, and data warehousing are important. One of the courses available in this program will include project development using Visual.NET enabled databases or web-enabled databases.

Certificate Requirements: The program requires the student to complete a minimum of twelver (12) semester credit hours of course work with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Regular program prerequisites still apply (CS 500 & CS 501). Courses earned toward a multimedia certificate may be applied to the master's program.

Prerequisite Courses (if required)

CS 500


Introduction to Structured Programming

  3 credits

CS 501


Introduction to Data Structures


3 credits

Required Courses

CS 603


Advanced Database Design (Oracle)*


3 credits

CS 631


Data Warehousing


3 credits

CS 632   Advanced Database Topics   3 credits

CS 633


Advanced Database Programming


3 credits

*(CS 603) will be a prerequisite for CS 631, CS 632 and CS 633)

Total for the Certificate12-18 credits

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