Media Arts Major

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Media Arts is an innovative program that combines the study of communications theory and media production with the educational tradition of the liberal arts. The program is designed with the understanding that the successful student must be technologically competent and must understand the historical, social, and philosophical aspects of media.

Courses in media history, theory, and production are complemented by internships both within Sacred Heart and at outside media/communication outlets, including radio stations, television networks and shows, film and video production companies, magazines, newspapers, non-profit community organizations, advertising agencies and public relations firms.

Students majoring in Media Arts examine the theories and concepts ‎behind contemporary communications and media. In addition, media production courses aimed at developing basic competency and advanced skills in digital production are considered an integral part of the program. Media Arts majors have the opportunity to work in all areas of studio and field production from screenwriting, news writing, lighting and design, to television, web, radio, video, digital photography, multimedia, advertising, public relations, and journalism production.

The CMS facilities include a studio for beginning and advanced HD television production courses and the state-of-the-art Hubert J. Schlafley, Jr. Digital Media Lab equipped with high-end multimedia production workstations. Our large inventory of digital production equipment ensures that as soon as students declare their major, they have consistent access to the latest tools and software for their projects, and can gain the skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers in the media and communications industries.

For a detailed overview of the MA course requirements, please see the major checksheet on the Registrar's Office's website.