Digital Communication Major

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Digital Communication (DC) is an interdisciplinary program in the Department of Communication and Media Studies supported by courses offered through CMS and the department of Computer Science & Information Technology.

The DC program is directed towards students who wish to become leaders in creating the communication environment of the future and to those interested in the broader implications of communication technology, understanding the theory as well as the practice.

‎Courses in the history, theory,‌and production of new media are complemented by internships both within the‌University and at companies related to the new media/communication industries, including Internet/Web content providers, traditional media companies (TV/film/radio), advertising agencies and public relations firms.

Much of what students experience is digitally mediated, and computer technology is a primary method of digital interaction. DC focuses on the macro social and ethical issues of digital communication, including social networking, policy making, data information privacy, intellectual property, moral agency, and the notion of a global community. 

In both their professional and their personal lives, people will increasingly encounter two constants: communication and technology. The Digital Communication major prepares students for leadership in a variety of professions and careers in today’s cutting edge digital media environment.

For a detailed overview of the DC course requirements, please see the major checksheet on the Registrar's Office website.