Undergraduate Degrees

CMS Classroom

The Department of Communication & Media Studies offers three‌ distinct majors:

Communication Studies
A major that moves students through a unique educational pathway. It has its roots in the fields of journalism, public relations, sports journalism, sports broadcasting, and the creative media aspects of advertising. Within this major there are the following concentrations:

Digital Communication

An interdisciplinary program supported by courses offered through Communication and Media Studies and the department of Computer Science & Information Technology.

Media Arts
An innovative program that combines the study of communications theory and media production with the educational tradition of the liberal arts. The program is designed with the understanding that the successful student must be technologically competent and must understand the historical, social, and philosophical aspects of media. Within this major there are the following concentrations:

The department also offers five distinct minors:

  • Journalism offers courses in news writing and reporting, magazine production, and photojournalism.


  • Advertising Media/Public Relations provides students with theoretical and practical study including state-of-the-art classes in social media and viral campaigns.

  • Film and Television introduces students to the history and theory of the film and broadcasting industries.

  • Sports Media offers students the ability to digitally produce sports programs while providing a theoretical foundation.

  • Digital Communication allows students to design both websites and digital animation programs.

As the media industry and communication environment continues to evolve and change, new courses are added to Communication and Media Studies (CMS) majors to ensure that students have a contemporary perspective and the relevant knowledge and skills to succeed and thrive in the work force. Toward that goal, CMS blends theory and practice throughout all of its courses.