Student Organizations

Our Students Learn by Doing

Communication and Media Studies students have the opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities on campus including departmental media organizations that allow them to apply their coursework outside the classroom and gain valuable hands-on experience in their field of study. The CMS student organizations produce news stories, publicity campaigns, magazines, and movies in addition to hosting events, taking field trips, and networking with industry professionals.

Pioneer Magazine

Written by and for Sacred Heart University students, Pioneer Magazine is devoted to covering the topics that matter the most to our student body. Featuring articles on sports, the arts, fashion, heath, and culture, Pioneer Magazine captures the true heart and soul of SHU students. Pioneer's staff is responsible not only for the ideas behind each issue, but for the editorial content, layout design, and photography. Those involved can expect a hands-on, exciting, and liberating environment. Pioneer encourages students to express their opinions and challenge the norm to find out what matters most to our community. The faculty advisor is Professor Juliana Brittis and the editor is Megan Lackman. To find out more, visit our website or email Professor Juliana Brittis.

The Pulse

The Pulse is a student run production with three full-time student staff members serving as the executive producer, two student producers, along with students from TV News Magazine Production II class who produce weekly stories and columns, which we call, "Heart Beats." The Pulse is a showcase for university and local community stories and images. It serves as a venue for quality programming packaged in a digital video format that is currently distributed across multiple platforms. The Pulse is a video news magazine that will engage Sacred Heart University students, faculty and staff, and serve as a shining example of our student’s creative skills and talents for those outside the SHU community. So tune in Sacred Heart! For questions about The Pulse please contact Bethany Barbar.


SHU Box is the multimedia network club here at Sacred Heart University. We specialize in showcasing events here on campus and producing 2-3 short films per year. The SHU Box team will do whatever is needed to make Sacred Heart a multimedia hub in the Northeast. To become a member of SHUBox attend our weekly meetings in the media studies studio Thursday Nights at 10 PM. For More info on SHU Box check out our website or contact the club president, Kieran McGirl.

The SHU PR Club

The Public Relations Club creates multimedia campaigns to raise awareness of campus events and student organizations. The PR Club also aims to enhance students' access to professional development opportunities by offering them a variety of skill-building workshops and lectures. Dr. Lori Bindig is the faculty advisor of the club and Kara Levine is the president. Any questions regarding the PR Club can be directed to Kara Levine.

The Spectrum

The Spectrum is a student-run weekly newspaper publication first established in 1983. The staff consists of nearly 20 editors and more than a dozen staff writers and contributing writers. The writing staff is fueled by News Writing and Reporting Classes in which students learn the fundamentals of news writing, while being published weekly in the Spectrum. The Spectrum office is located in the main academic building next to the Print Lab.  The paper comes out every Thursday morning and also can be viewed on the Spectrum website.  Professor Joanne Kabak is the faculty advisor of the publication and Amanda Sialiano is the editor. Any questions regarding the publication can be directed to

The Sports Media Club

The primary goal of the Sports Media club is to expose undergraduate and graduate students to sports media culture. The club regularly invites guest speakers from the industry to campus and organizes fieldtrips to local studios and stadiums so students can explore the sports media industry from being on camera to behind the scenes work. Dr. Andrew Miller is the faculty advisor of the club and Rose Hadsell is the president. Any questions regarding the Sports Media Club can be directed to


Make the most of every opportunity that Sacred Heart University has to offer. WHRT Radio is one of the greatest opportunities that most SHU students do not make the most of. WHRT gives you an opportunity to learn and prepare for professional work experiences in a vast area of fields. As a club we host students from majors that vary in subject from Biology to Communications. WHRT is a way to give everyone at SHU a home. Get Involved...Get on the air...or just listen in do whatever it takes to enjoy your time at Sacred Heart.