Course Descriptions

CM 101 Introduction to Media Culture     3 CR
Introduction to media technology, examining the impact of radio, television, newspapers, still photography, film and the computer on the human condition. Trains the student to be a perceptive consumer of contemporary mass media by exploring how each medium codifies reality. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required.

CM 102 Introduction to Media Production     3 CR
Introduction to a wide ranging study of multimedia production. Students will learn audio and video production techniques and create media for on-line distribution.

CM 121 History of Film I     3 CR
Introduction to the historical development of filmmaking from 1895 to 1945, highlighting the evolution of the film as a means of expression. Films from the past are shown at each class meeting followed by a discussion of several aspects of the film.

CM 122 History of Film II     3 CR
History of the Motion Picture II covers from 1945 to 1975, including extensive screening of classic films. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required. May be taken out of sequence.

CM 123 History of Film III     3 CR
This course covers the history of motion pictures from 1975 to the present, including extensive screening of classic and contemporary films. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required. May be taken out of sequence.

CM 124 History of Broadcasting     3 CR
Explores the history of radio and television broadcasting, including financing of research, technological developments, regulation, structure of genres, the social context and values of programs, legal and political implications of national and international broadcasting and the effect on cultural identity and national sovereignty.

CM 125 History of Journalism     3 CR
Investigates the social history of American journalism from the penny press to the World Wide Web, including technological developments in news gathering and delivery, regulation and consolidation of the press, social and political implications of coverage, effects of changes in literacy and society, comparisons with other models and trends toward globalization.

CM 126 History of Advertising and Public Relations     3 CR
Provides a critical overview of the history, purpose, and various methods related to advertising and public relations. Students analyze the semantic and syntactic properties of ads and public relations campaigns from the consumer point of view with special emphasis on how they communicate persuasively. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required.

CM 201 The Art of the Moving Image     3 CR
A study of the language of moving pictures. Unlike the linear sequence of speech and the written word, moving pictures create a simultaneity of sensory perception. Through an intensive study of experimental and feature films, this course explores the nature of the moving images and how they are organized to create a whole. Prerequisite: CM 101

CM 211 News Writing and Reporting I     3 CR
An introduction to basic news writing and journalistic reporting principles. Concepts of journalism provide a format for an analysis of the news media and the responsibilities of a journalist in today’s society. Workshop sessions utilize the concepts in practical work. Prerequisites: EN 110 and CM 101

CM 212 Media Literacy      3 CR
This course expands on CM 101 with extensive examination of theories of media effects on behavior, values, and social/political structures, with an emphasis on contemporary media and the consequences of the shift to an online digital environment.

CM 215 Technical Communications I     3 CR
Introduces the most important elements of communications in the professional world of technology and newer media. Students study common types of reports and learn fundamental techniques for preparing reports, final copy, and web page content. Prerequisites: EN 110, CM 101

CM 221-321 Digital Film & Video Production I, II     3 CR each
An introduction to the basic techniques of cinematic composition and editing. Presents the basic administrative and aesthetic aspects of filmmaking. Prerequisite: CM 101, CM102

CM 222 Television Studio Production I     3 CR
An introduction to multicamera studio production.

CM 223-323 Digital Photography I, II     3 CR each
First semester is an introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography. Topics include camera care and handling; visual literacy; composition; the nature of light, color, portraiture and experimental photography. Second semester is built around advanced techniques in digital production. Critical discussions on the photography of major artists supplements the practical work. A digital camera with manual operative is required. Students are responsible for processing costs. Prerequisite: CM 101, CM 102

CM 224 Democratic Technologies     3 CR
Focuses on the creative use of technologies available to the American consumer. Instruction in alternative audio and visual production encourages students to express themselves and distribute media content using available consumer and public access technologies. Laptop computers are required to digitize audio and visual projects and for Internet research. Prerequisite: CM 101

CM 225 Multimedia & Field Production     1–3 CR
An opportunity for outstanding Media Studies majors to assist in the planning and production of media projects contracted by Sacred Heart University or by outside agencies. By permission of the chairperson of the faculty of Communication Studies. Offered only when appropriate projects are available. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites. Prerequisite: CM 101

CM 226-326 Magazine Production I, II
     3 CR
Overview of the entire process of magazine publication. Topics include history, theory and status of contemporary publication, concept research and development of new magazines, writing and editing of articles, desktop publishing layout and design, marketing and advertising campaigns, new technologies and the future. Students conceive and produce individual magazines. Prerequisite: CM 101

CM 227 Advertising and Public Relations; Practical Applications     3 CR
Applies various theories of advertising and public relations to specific practical problems in the commercial and nonprofit world. Students experiment with form and style by producing advertising and public relations campaigns for new products, public service projects and/or political candidates in several different media.

CM 228 Radio Production-Journalism/Podcasting     3 CR
An introduction to basic radio production. Students prepare for the FCC third-class license, learn the audio control board and develop concepts of radio broadcasting. Because WSHU is integrated into the courses as a laboratory and program outlet, students are required to function as staff members. Prerequisite: CM 101, CM 102

CM 229 Photojournalism     3 CR
Students develop skills and Insights necessary to document strong visual Images, and use those Images to create a photo essay. Course encompasses preparation, research, taking photographs, and editing, as well as examining the changing digital world, magazine work & publishing and the business of photography.

CM 241 Comics & Animation     3 CR
A fast-paced survey of the history and theory behind comics, comic books and animation. Creative projects teach the methods of creating sequential art and animation from paper to CGI.

CM 251 Studies in Self Help Books
3 CR
In this course, students will analyze a self-help book of their choice through journal writing exercises outlined In their chosen text. Drawing on research In the field, students will evaluate the effectiveness of their chosen text.

CM 253 Digital Culture    
3 CR
Considers digital and technologically mediated environments as “mass media” in the tradition of film, radio or television. Using a variety of approaches, including historical, sociological, economic, technological, cultural and aesthetic, the course looks at questions such as how does the Internet codify reality? How are communities both created and thwarted? What are the characteristics of the global media culture? Readings, screenings, and written assignments required. Prerequisite: CM 101

CM 254 Media and Democracy     3 CR
Examines the relationships between the mass media (film, television, newspapers and the Internet), the public and politics. Historical case studies analyze from ethical, economic, social, historical, aesthetic and technological perspectives how the media provide (or do not provide) a place through which people express their views as citizens in a democracy. Current media examples are also investigated. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required. Prerequisite: CM 101

CM 255 History of Documentary Still Photography     3 CR
The history of documentary still photography from its beginning in the 1840s through the present is studied. Focus is on analyzing the photographs, as well as the social and historical contexts in which they were made, to come to some conclusions about the nature of documentary photography. Students with photographic experience and equipment may, with the permission of the instructor, choose to do a documentary photography project instead of a final paper.

CM 256 Magazines & Body Image     3 CR
This class will explore body Image representations portrayed In popular American magazines from a media literacy perspective. Drawing on research about media Influence and Instructional capabilities from such researchers as Schramm, Bandura, Comstock and Liebert.

CM 257 Women & Advertising     3 CR
Exploration and In depth analysis of women's Images portrayed In American advertising from a media literacy perspective, using research about the Influence of advertising on women's roles and attitudes.

CM 271 TV News Magazine Prod. I    
3 CR
Students develop, plan, write, edit and produce news story projects on a regular basis., and contribute to the creation of The Pulse, the SHU News Magazine Show, broadcast over television and the Internet at Sacred Heart.

CM/BU 272 Sports Communications     3 CR
Focuses on the fundamentals needed to implement a program in sports information, publicity and promotions. Preparing of news releases; writing local and hometown features; publishing programs and brochures; compiling statistical breakdowns; dealing with the local, regional and national press; and promoting specific events, teams and individuals are included. Prerequisites: C or better in EN 110 and CM 101, CM 102

CM 273 Television & New Media Journalism
     3 CR
A production course designed to introduce students to the techniques of electronic journalism. Students also learn to analyze and constructively criticize the process and product. Prerequisite: CM 101

CM 275 DVD and Multimedia Production DVD Authoring
     3 CR
An introduction to DVD multimedia production techniques. Focus is on mastering the technical elements of advanced digital video editing and DVD authoring technology and developing a familiarity with the grammar of multimedia more generally. Students develop and produce a variety of projects culminating in their own DVD portfolio. Prerequisite: Any other CM production course or permission of instructor

CM 276 Digital Editing     3 CR
Designed to provide training with tools necessary for editing digital audio and video. Course examines the construction of stories and messages In the digital media that surrounds us. Students will become more effective creators and consumers of media culture.

CM 277 Screenwriting     3 CR
An introduction to writing for fiction and nonfiction film and television. Topics include basic dramatic theory, narrative structure, characterization, dialogue, adaptation and the unique demands of the audio/visual media, as well as pragmatic matters of format and the marketplace. Prerequisites: EN 110 and CM 101

CM 278 Multimedia Outreach     3 CR
Designed for advanced students already familiar with the tools of the digital journalist, students will create and produce a professional level documentary video about a community outreach program making a difference In other people's lives.

CM 299 Special Topics in Communication & Media Studies     3 CR
Designates new or occasional courses that may or may not become part of the department’s permanent offerings. Courses capitalize on timely topics, a faculty member’s particular interest, an experimental alternative to existing courses, etc. Course title is shown on the student’s transcript. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites.

CM 300 Special Topics in Multimedia Production     3 CR
New or occasional courses in advanced video production such as approaches to editing, audio recording techniques, digital storytelling or computer-aided design. Course title is shown on the student’s transcript. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites.

CM 301 Reading Seminar in Communication     3 CR
An interdisciplinary study of contemporary theories of mass communications. Presents an overview of the impact of mass communications by considering them as codes, symbolic systems and manipulative powers on both the conscious and subconscious levels. Reading, writing, discussion and research are required. Prerequisites: CM 101 and Senior standing in the major

CM 311 News Writing and Reporting II     3 CR
This advanced workshop simulates a newspaper magazine publishing atmosphere. Students are assigned roles as writers or editors for individual sections to create a student news magazine as part of the newspaper staff. Prerequisite: CM/EN 211

CM 321 Digital Film/Video Production II     3 CR
Advanced course in single-camera video production. Each student directs an original fiction or nonfiction work and provides technical support on classmates’ projects. Prerequisite: MS 213 or permission of the instructor

CM 325 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics     3 CR
Students will learn cutting edge techniques In graphic programs and develop and complete several creative projects guided by an Instructor who is an Industry professional.

CM 351 Women in Film & Television     3 CR
Films are cultural artifacts. Each film contains within itself a complex social system reflecting the attitudes, values and mores of the society that produced it. This course uncovers the values that encode the function of women on screen including the images they project; roles they assume; values they encode; and relationships they establish with men, children and each other. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites.

CM 352 Documentary Film/Television     3 CR
Examines major epistemological, aesthetic and political concerns of documentary film and video. This course introduces students to a variety of documentary principles, methods and styles in order to explore a series of theoretical issues that are important to documentary production, representation and reception. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites.

CM 353 National Cinemas     3 CR
Examines a particular national cinema or moment in national cinemas (e.g., New German Cinema, French New Wave, Italian Neorealism) whose contributions to the history of cinema have been significant. Attention is given to the social and cultural context, production, distribution and reception circumstances and stylistic innovations of the different filmmaking practices. Readings, screenings, and written assignments required. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites.

CM 354 Film & Television Genres     3 CR
A study of Individual television and forms. Emphasis on the historical development of the genre, themes and stylistics of genre, meaning of programming within a cultural context, contaemporary cultural significance and contribution to the history of Ideas. Readings, screenings and written assignments are required.

CM 355 Film & Television Directors     3 CR
Examines individual film directors whose contributions to the history of the cinema have been especially notable. Film and television directors are studied for their stylistic and philosophical innovations as well as for their historical place in the medium. Each semester a particular director or directors are chosen for study. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites.

CM 396 Internship     1–6 CR
An opportunity for qualified upper-division Media Studies majors to gain practical experience at area media/communications companies such as radio or television stations, cable companies, newspapers, magazines and public relations firms. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and department chairperson

CM 397/398 Senior Project I, II     3 CR
The purpose of the project is threefold: to create an opportunity for a senior Media Studies student to apply creative theory to practice; to stress the interdisciplinary aspects of media communication; and to provide the student with a “portfolio” product or research project to use as a demonstration of his or her abilities. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites. Prerequisite: Media Studies Senior standing

CM 399 Independent Study     1–3 CR
Work on a special topic or production to be arranged with an instructor who will direct the work. Permission of the chairperson of the faculty of Communication Studies is granted to qualified Media Studies majors on the basis of a written prospectus. By special arrangement. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and required prerequisites.