Johanna Prentki '07



Johanna Prentki, Class of 2007

Degree: Media Studies

Current Job: Events and Merchandising Coordinator, FORBES

“I got a job as production coordinator at Forbes in March of my senior year. It was the first position I applied for and I got really lucky. From there I was promoted as Events and Merchandising which is my current position.” 

“I think internships are the most important thing. I had two great ones and they helped me a ton. One was sales in TV for the CW and the other was an ad agency. It was good just to accumulate those skills and meet those people. Networking is so important.”

“My job is two parts. The events part is exactly how it sounds. We plan and schedule corporate events for Forbes, advertising events to attract ad agencies, and we schedule international events as well. And for the merchandising part of it, we create the extra advertising that is attached to the magazines, including cover raps and other special advertisements."