BS/MS Combined Degree in Chemistry

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This is a five-year undergraduate/graduate accelerated track. Students who complete this track receive both BS and MS degrees in chemistry. Students must apply at the beginning of their junior year and be admitted in the program no later than the second semester in their junior year. Chemistry and Biochemistry concentrations are available at the undergraduate level. Students are required to complete 150/153 credits (thesis/non-thesis) which includes 120 undergraduate credits and 30/33 (thesis/non-thesis) graduate credits.

The thesis involves six (6) credits of original research. 

Required Chemistry Courses (38 credits):

Course Number & Title Credits
CH 151: General Chemistry I 3
CH 153: General Chemistry Lab I 1
CH 152: General Chemistry II 3
CH 154: General Chemistry Lab II 1
CH 221: Organic Chemistry I 3
CH 223: Organic Chemistry Lab I 3
CH 222: Organic Chemistry II 3
CH 224: Organic Chemistry Lab II 1
CH 252: Analytical Chemistry 3
CH 254: Analytical Chemistry Lab 2
CH 331: Physical Chemistry I 3
CH 333: Physical Chemistry Lab I 1
CH 332: Physical Chemistry II 3
CH 334: Physical Chemistry Lab II 1
CH 341: Biochemistry I 3
CH 343: Biochemistry Lab I 1
CH 342: Biochemistry II 3
CH 344: Biochemistry Lab II 1
CH 351: Instrumental Analysis 3
CH 353: Instrumental Analysis Lab 1

Required Supporting Courses (20 credits):

Course Number & Title Credits
MA 151: Calculus I 4
MA 152: Calculus II 4
MA 253: Calculus III
(Can be substituted by BI 111/113 for Biochemistry Concentration)
PY 151: Principle of Physics I
(Can be substituted by PY 111)
PY 153: Principle of Physics Lab I
(Can be substituted by PY 113)
PY 152: Principle of Physics II
(Can be substituted by PY 112)
PY 154: Principle of Physics Lab II
(Can be substituted by PY 114)

Required Graduate Courses (33 credits including the prerequisites):

CH530 Physical Chemistry II (3 credits). Enroll during undergraduate program with CH334 physical chemistry lab. Must have admission to graduate program

Required Graduate Courses (18 credits)
Course Number & Title Credits
CH 521: Adv. Org./522 Org. Synth. 3
CH 531: Adv. Phys. Ch. I or II 3
CH 551: Adv Analyt. Ch. I or II 3
CH 553: Adv. Inorganic Ch. 3
CH 599: Thesis
(Or CH595 3 credits, CH598 comprehensive exam and two graduate electives)

Graduate Chemistry/Science Electives (12 credits):
12 credit hours of chemistry/science graduate courses with at least 9 credits of chemistry. Permission of the Director of Graduate Program is required.