M.S. Chemistry Non-Thesis Track

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M.S. in Chemistry Non-Thesis Track

Designed for students with relevant industry experience and individuals whose employment or other circumstances preclude them from doing a master's thesis.

In this program, you will:

•    Strengthen your knowledge in the basic areas of chemistry—inorganic, organic, physical, analytical and biochemistry

•    Become familiar with the recent advances in the chemistry field

•    Effectively communicate scientific information, both in writing and orally

•    Improve your ability to understand and apply scientific literature in scientific settings

•    Culminate by orally defending an exit exam

The Master of Chemistry Non-Thesis Track requires a total of 34 credits for the non-thesis track.

Required Chemistry Courses | 16 credits

Course Number & Title Credits
CH 521: Adv. Org. Chemistry
(Or CH 522 Org. Synthesis)
CH 531: Adv. Physical Chemistry I Mol. Structure
(Or CH 532 Adv. Physical Chemistry II Mol. Dyn.)
CH 561: Adv. Analy. Inst. Spectroscopic
(Or CH 562 Adv. Analy. Inst. Chromato.)
CH 553: Adv. Inorganic Chemistry
(Or CH 555 Theoretical Inorg. Chemistry)
CH 595: Adv. Integrated Experimentation
(Can be substituted by an elective course with evidence of substantial lab and instrumental experience)
CH 595L: Integrated Experimentation Lab 1
CH598: Comprehensive Exam 1

Elective Courses | 18 credits

Course Number & Title Credits
CH 553: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
CH 525: Supramolecular Chemistry 3
CH 526: Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology 3
CH 529: Special topic: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 3
CH 537: Micro/Nanophase Materials: Chem. Process & Analysis 3
CH 545: Bio-informatics 3
CH 547: Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling 3
CH 556: Chemical Application of Group Theory 3
CH 567: CH-Experimental Design 3
CH 569: Special Topic: Mass Spectrometry 3
CH 571: Adv Environmental Chemistry 3
CH 575: Polymer Chemistry 3
CH 590: Chem-Informatic 3