Dhia A. Habboush, Ph.D.

Dhia A. Habboush, Ph.D.


Area of Specialization
Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry. Physical Methods (Theory and Instrumentation) in Inorganic Chemistry: Electronic (Ultraviolet—Visible) Spectroscopy; Vibrational (Infrared and Raman) Spectroscopy; Mass Spectrometry; Magnetic Susceptibility; X-Ray Diffraction; Thermogravimetry; Electroanalytical (Cyclic and Normal Pulse Voltammetry).
Research Interest
Primary research interest is molten salts chemistry: spectroscopic thermogravimetric and electrochemical studies of species and reactions (acid-base, redox, and complex formation) in molten salts.
Other areas of interest are strengths of oxo acids and supramolecular chemistry.

Other Interests

To promote a critical appreciation of the links between various areas of knowledge, mainly, science, philosophy and religion.

Degrees and Certifications

    B.Sc. College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq (1965)
    Ph.D. University of Southampton, UK (1969)
    Senior Visiting Research Fellow, University of Southampton, UK (1976-77)
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SUNY Buffalo, (1980-82)

Teaching Responsibilities

    Advanced Inorganic Chemistry; Advanced Integrated Laboratory; Chemical Applications of Group Theory

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