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Academic Building, SC 105 
5151 Park Avenue
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Eid A. Alkhatib, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

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‌The Chemistry program is committed to academic excellence and seeks to prepare students for industry, graduate school or professional school. This is achieved through a broad-based education that includes exposure to the major areas of Chemistry (analytical, biochemistry, environmental, inorganic, organic and physical) in both the classroom setting and in the laboratory. The required undergraduate research component of the degree provides an opportunity for the investigation of an original project.

‌‌‌The strengths of the department include:

  • small class sizes
  • extensive interaction with faculty
  • an award-winning student affiliate American Chemical Society chapter
  • instruction that uses the latest innovations in technology, teaching pedagogy and lab equipment
  • opportunities for community service
  • and the possibility for internship and co-op positions.

The department also provides strong support for students majoring in other sciences as well as for nonscience majors.

The Chemistry program offers a balanced curriculum that prepares students for graduate study in the various areas of chemistry and for employment in the chemical industries. Also, the Chemistry major, coupled with selected supporting courses, provides excellent preparation for the study of medicine, dentistry and other health-related professions.

To accomplish these objectives, the Chemistry program offers two degrees: the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts. The student majoring in Chemistry with a BS degree can choose a Traditional, Biochemistry or Environmental concentration.

The Traditional concentration provides a curriculum with strong supportive courses in mathematics and physics. This program is recommended for graduate study in chemistry or as preparation for an industrial position. The Biochemistry concentration is strongly recommended as preparation for a career in biochemistry, clinical chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry. The program is also suitable for graduate study in biochemistry and pharmacology.

‌‎The Environmental concentration prepares the student for a career in the growing field of environmental chemistry. The student receives a strong chemistry background and takes appropriate courses in supporting disciplines. This concentration is appropriate for the student planning a career or graduate work in any of the allied environmental professions.

The results of this education are well-documented. Many alumni continue in chemistry-related fields, often attending graduate school in chemistry, biochemistry, or medicine, or pursuing careers in industrial research or the biomedical sciences. Other career choices in recent years have included patent law and forensic science.

Most of our students participate in our nationally recognized Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society (SAACS). One main focus of the chapter is to promote chemistry to the community through science outreach activities.

Latest News

Chemistry Department Flush with New Labs, Offices and Equipment

November 15, 2014

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Sacred Heart University’s Chemistry Department has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving given the recent completion of Phase I of office and lab renovations and investments in new equipment. Phase II is planned for next summer and will include the addition of a multi-purpose lab, and a new seminar room for graduate students.

2013 Tenured Faculty Announced

May 16, 2013

Sacred Heart University is committed to providing its students with top-tier faculty members. The University reaffirmed its commitment to academic excellence when the Board of Trustees awarded tenure to six faculty members in 2013. Congratulations to Joseph Audie, Nathan Lewis, Enda McGovern, Nicole Marie Roy, Jing'an Tang and Gregory Viggiano.