Biology Undergraduate Majors

4 Concentrations

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The foundation of each of these concentrations is a common set of core biology courses, including genetics, evolutionary analysis, cell biochemistry or animal physiology, and ecology.  Biology students may choose from one of four different concentration areas:

  • The Traditional program emphasizes a broad training in biology by requiring one upper division elective in each of three modules corresponding to different levels of biological organization: environmental, organismal and molecular.  This program offers the broadest education of the four concentrations and prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the life sciences as well as meeting the requirements for admission at most graduate and pre-professional schools.

  • The Molecular and Cellular Biology concentration emphasizes coursework in biotechnology, microbiology and cell/molecular biology, and is ideal for students preparing for graduate or professional training in the biomedical sciences or employment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

  • The Ecology & Conservation Biology concentration is designed to prepare students for graduate training and/or careers in environmental protection and restoration, and emphasizes field work in ecology and conservation.

  • The Neuroscience concentration enables students to integrate coursework in neurobiology with coursework in psychology.  This concentration is excellent preparation for graduate and professional training in the biomedical sciences and careers in the health professions.

The Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ecology & Conservation Biology and Neuroscience concentrations also require hands-on learning in the form of supervised research and/or internship, and these experiences are also strongly encouraged for students pursuing the Traditional program.  Admission to the Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ecology & Conservation Biology, and Neuroscience concentrations is by application only.

Required Biology Core Courses for All Concentrations

  • BI 111, 112 Concepts in Biology I and II
  • BI 113, 114 Concepts in Biology I and II Laboratory

Required Supporting Courses for All Concentrations

  • CH 151, 152, 153, 154 General Chemistry I & II w/Lab
  • CH 221, 223 Organic Chemistry I w/ Lab
  • MA 131 Statistics for Decision Making
  • At least 4 credits in physics at the 100 level or above
  • One other mathematics course: MA 140 or above; MA 151 is recommended
  • One course in bioethics or medical ethics
  • BI 220 Genetics
  • BI 225 Evolutionary Analysis
  • BI 311 Cell Biology OR  BI 312 Systems Physiology
  • BI 350 Ecology
  • BI 399 Senior Seminar