Pre-Medical Advisement

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Thomas Terleph, Ph.D.
Co-Advisor, Pre-Medical Programs 
Tel: 203-371-7784


Nicole Roy, Ph.D.
Co-Advisor, Pre-Medical Programs 
Tel: 203-365-4772

Sacred Heart University offers a strong and unique program in preparation for graduate work in medicaldentalveterinarypharmacyosteopathyoptometry and physician assistant schools which emphasizes both the humanities and the sciences. 

The basic requirements for each professional school are similar and at a minimum will require: General Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Physics, Calculus, English and selected courses in the humanities and behavioral sciences. It is important for students to choose a major to which they are committed and which is appropriate to the professional school to which they are applying. For example, although many Pre-Med students elect to major in Biology or Chemistry, students majoring in subjects as diverse as English, Psychology, Art and Philosophy are regularly accepted to medical school. 

In addition to course work, there are several other ways Sacred Heart University helps students with pre-med advisement. Pre-med Advisors assist in the selection of appropriate courses and provide information on the requirements of particular schools. The advisors also have a library of materials and planning guides which are available for student use. Test preparation courses, for example the Kaplan or Princeton Reviews, are strongly recommended. The program's mission is to prepare broadly educated students with high academic achievement and to nurture altruism and realism through service.