Admissions Criteria

Competition for admission into graduate programs in biology is greater than ever due to limited research funding, but candidates still have a good chance of admission into a suitable graduate program if they have thoroughly prepared themselves in the years prior to applying.  Candidates are ranked based on the following criteria (not necessarily in this order):

1. GPA

2. GRE scores

  • for some programs, GRE scores are not as heavily emphasized as they were in the past

3. Application Materials

  • e.g., application, personal statement, resume or CV

4. Research Experience

5. Letters of Recommendation

6. Personal Interview

  • Sometimes, programs invite candidates they already have accepted (without telling the candidate) to sell themselves to the candidate.
  • Other times, the interview is truly needed to help programs rank their candidates.
  • Because a candidate is usually not told whether they’re already deemed admission-worthy or still under consideration, it is best to assume that the admissions committee is still trying to refine their choices of candidates.
  • Advance preparation for interviews is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT!
    • Arrange with Dr. Deschênes for a mock interview with a panel of Biology faculty