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Barbara Pierce, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology

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‌‎Biology is the scientific study of life in all its many diverse and‎ marvelous forms. If you find it‌ appealing to learn how living organisms as diverse as amoebae, mushrooms, orchids, horseshoe crabs, bats, and humans function, then you should consider majoring in Biology at Sacred Heart University. The Biology program offers students exciting learning experiences and opens doors for future career and personal development including:

Undergraduate Research and Internships
The Biology major at Sacred Heart University offers students opportunities to develop practical experience, through participation in faculty-directed research and job-related internship experiences.

Diverse Careers
Biology majors may enter the work force immediately following graduation in the fields of education, biotechnology, conservation, and government service.  Biology graduates are also prepared for professional and graduate-level training in fields as diverse as medicine, public health, law, and scientific research.

Relevance Both Now and in Future
The Biology major at Sacred Heart University provides graduates with the intellectual tools required to understand the impact of technological progress on human society, other species, and the environment.  These tools provide our graduates with a means to make informed decisions about critical ethical issues long after the degree program is completed.

The Biology Department designed its curriculum to reflect the complexity and diversity of the living world. Its graduate will be conversant with the cellular and molecular basis of life, the design and functioning of individual organisms and the ecological interactions of organisms. 

A graduate will respect the primacy of evidence and appreciate its role in the historical development and advancement of a discipline. A graduate will be able to analyze evidence in a critical fashion through exposure to data analysis in the literature and in laboratory course work.

Finally, the graduate will be cognizant of the possible social impact of biological progress and will be prepared to wrestle with the difficult ethical conflicts resulting from such advancement.

Programs Offered:

Latest News

From Delanoy to Dingle
August 10, 2015

‌SHU Student Kimberly D'Adamo's coastal ecology studies and internship at Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium are featured in West Kerry Live (page 31)

Project Limulus Lives On With Help of Disney Conservation Fund

August 18, 2015

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Professors Jennifer Mattei and Mark Beekey of the Biology department at Sacred Heart University have received a fourth year of funding from the Disney Conservation Fund for Project Limulus: A Community Research Program. Project Limulus is a research program investigating the population dynamics of horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) in Long Island Sound (LIS).

Early Grads Shine with Senior Honors Capstone Presentations

January 7, 2015

At the end of the fall semester, Sacred Heart University seniors Stephanie Sorbara and Kyle Rogus took turns presenting their Senior Honors Capstone Presentations, which are a requirement of SHU’s Thomas More Honors Program. The two are set to graduate early; another 40 of their honors-level peers will make the same presentations in their respective disciplines in the spring.

Unique Installation to Be Completed as Part of Stratford Point Restoration Project

May 7, 2014

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Sacred Heart University’s Biology Department, in collaboration with DuPont and the Connecticut Audubon Society (CAS), is beginning an innovative and experimental “living shoreline” installation at Stratford Point in Stratford, as part of a multi-year coastal habitat restoration project.