Internships & Career Opportunities

The Department of Art & Design has created a very active and continually growing professional internship program. Students who meet qualification standards through excellence in class work are eligible to interview for and obtain an internship at one of our corporate partners, based on available opportunities. Virtually all of our seniors take part in this program which places students in professional positions at local design, advertising, and marketing companies. The internship program is a key component in preparing students for entry into the professional world of design.

While internships are never guaranteed, some of the companies we have had the good fortune to partner with include:

  • Ryan Partnership
  • Greystone Advertising Group
  • Sikorsky Aircraft
  • The National Hockey League
  • TracyLocke
  • The Minuteman Newspapers
  • The Beardsley Zoo
  • Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment
  • O'Halloran Advertising
  • GrayGraham
  • Byte Interactive

Many of our graduates choose to remain and work in Fairfield County and the surrounding areas of Connecticut, New York City, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. And who can blame them? Fairfield county alone has over 400 companies involved in marketing, advertising, and design.

Here are some of our recent graduates and what they are doing:

  • Amanda Bettis '05: Amanda works as a designer for Studio Two in Lenox, Mass. She has just received a 2006 American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA.
  • Paul Wronski '03: Paul is a Design Director for Trilegiant Corporation. Trilegiant is the premier membership-based provider of travel, shopping, health, dental, entertainment, and consumer protection services. The company serves more than 100 million people across America.
  • Cheryl Lalonde '05 and Jennifer Natale '05: both work for Paul Wronski at Trilegiant. Networking is a very important part of our program and being a graphic designer.
  • Sal Randazzo '03: Sal is an Art Director for Skyline Displays. Since 1980, Skyline has been committed to developing the most innovative products in the exhibition and trade show industry.
  • Anya Glodek '03: Anya is an Art Director for TraceyLocke. TraceyLocke is the agency that handles Pepsico world wide.
  • Chris Nazzaro '06: Chris is an Art Director for Integrated Marketing. Upon graduating he immediately went to work for Integrated, helping open their new Connecticut office and working with some of the biggest names in foods.
  • Jason Roeder '06: Another one of our “fast movers,” Jason is working as a designer for Catapult Marketing a marketing solutions agency that offers seamless integrated support across a wide arc of disciplines working with some of the most well-known brands in the world.
  • Liz Galligan '05: Liz works for Thomas Direct sales doing catalog and logo design for clients such as Tiffany's, Coach and Sony.
  • Jackie Donatelli: Jackie works as a packaging designer for FGX International, maker of jewelry, sunglasses and glasses.
  • Melissa Perry '05: Melissa is a graphic designer in the advertising department for NBTY in Long Island. NBTY is a leading manufacturer and retailer for nutritional supplements, and Melissa works on ads for products like Metrx and American Health.
  • Renee DePascale '06:Renee is the Reprint Production coordinator for American Lawyer Media, Inc. in downtown Manhattan.