Interactive Design Certificate

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This program is designed specifically for working Graphic Design or Multimedia professionals wishing to advance careers in Interactive Design, or those looking to change career paths and move into Interactive Design positions. The course of study is also of value to those who currently hold jobs in Graphic Design for print and/or Multimedia, but need more in-depth knowledge in Interactive Design. The certificate is earned by completing the prescribed interdisciplinary series of five courses and earning a C or better in each course.

Required Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Certificate Program in Interactive Design

  • AR 225 Design for the Web
  • AR 276 Interactive 2D Animation
  • AR 280 Interactive Motion Graphics
  • CS 111 Introduction to Structured Programming
  • CS 261 Programming for the Web

Note: A deficit in either of these areas will require that the student take AR 114 Digital Design Basics and/or CS 110, whichever is applicable.

This certificate program assumes certain basic levels of proficiency in the use of graphic design applications (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at least version CS) on the Macintosh and basic programming skills. Please see course descriptions for AR 225 and CS 110 for details. If these areas represent significant deficiencies in a student’s background, the student may be asked to clear up those deficiencies before advancing through the certificate program. Questions regarding this matter should be addressed to the chair of the Department of Graphic Design and Visual Arts.