Student Testimonials

"I always wanted to study fashion design in college. Although Sacred Heart did not offer the program yet when I arrived, I had hoped the program would start up while I was here. Fortunately for me, it did! I have also been so fortunate to be taking these classes in such a personal environment at the Oakview campus with Ellen Gang. In the past year and a half that I have been involved in the program, I have learned much more than I ever imagined. It has been challenging, and time consuming, but worth every minute of it. The guidance that has been offered to me by Professor Ellen Gang has opened so many doors in my education and has made designing more exciting to me every day. In May 2012, I will be graduating with a Bachelor's degree in graphic design and a concentration in fashion design, and I am so delighted to have had the experience I have had with the fashion program. I have confidence that this program will grow into something huge and wish that the future fashion students the best of luck. I know they will have a positive learning experience, just like I have had."
~Jessica Geraghty, SHU '12

"Sacred Heart University’s new and exhilarating fashion design studio has opened up a whole new world of turning imaginations into reality. As a current student minoring in the brand new Fashion Design program, I have completed garments that I only dreamt about as a little girl. The production of this program has taken an immense amount of effort and interest between both faculty and students. All of this effort has turned the Fashion Design program into one of the greatest opportunities that I’ve had in my college career. 
Being in this program has given me the privilege of expanding my knowledge of fashion, given me hands on practice and experience with the construction of garments and has brought me to some of the most prominent events in the fashion world. Not only was I given the opportunity to attend Rolando Santana’s fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, but I also attended a Michael Kors Fashion Show in Westport, CT.  I have met people who work in all aspects of fashion, whether it is merchandising, designing, tailoring, marketing or production, and have witnessed behind the scene action of what being in the world of fashion truly entails.
Starting out as a beginner, becoming part of the fashion program was with intent to fulfill a lifelong interest and love for fashion. Two years later, I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought I was capable of. I am completely inspired by this program to maintain the leisure of designing throughout my life. The Fashion Design courses are some of the few courses here at SHU that I never wish to leave. I truly hope that these courses will spark the interest and change the lives of many other students and future students at Sacred Heart University."
~Donna Perricone, SHU '12