Course Descriptions

AR 111 Design: Color 3 CR
Design principles are explored through the investigation of color interaction and color theory. Emphasis is on pigment mixing and the control of intervals of value, chroma and intensity.
Prerequisite: AR 110

AR 117 Computers in Fashion 3 CR
This course is an introduction to the use of computers and software in the basic process of designing fashion and accessories. This is an introductory class designed to teach students how to create fashion designs and presentations on the Macintosh computer. An introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator is part of the course.

AR 120 Drawing I   3 CR
‌‎Explores fundamental problems of composition and perception as related to drawing. Experimentation is with varied media directed toward both the descriptive and expressive visual conceptualization of ideas.

AR 145 Studio Methods 1: Draping & Construction 3 CR
This course introduces the student to basic clothing construction in conjunction with fundamental draping techniques.   Students will explore and interpret fashion trends as they execute original designs utilizing these skills. These original designs will be developed in muslin and then completed in denim.
AR 245 Studio Methods 2: Pattern Drafting & Construction 3 CR
This course advances the student’s knowledge of fashion garment execution through the application of pattern drafting and construction techniques, and culminates in the development and execution of original designs.
AR 257 Introduction to Fashion Design 3 CR
This course examines the theory of design and the design process.   Students will apply their skills in pattern drafting, draping and construction to the execution of their original designs. This course culminates with a showing and critique of a small collection created by the student which reflects incoming fashion trends.