Course Descriptions

AR 101 Art in the Western World   3 CR
Explores ideas and arts of cultures that initiate and develop into the Western tradition. Includes an analysis of the basic characteristics of the art and architecture of these eras in the context of general cultural trends.

AR 104 American Art: Colonial to Modern   3 CR
Covers the ideas and ideals in American art in reference to the European mainstream. Emphasis is on styles and forms of the American environment and experience that constitute the characteristic tradition in painting, sculpture and architecture.

AR 110 Design: Visual Organization   3 CR
Investigates the compositional elements of art structure. Principles and elements of two-dimensional design line, shape, value, texture and space are examined, with emphasis on the visual communication of ideas.

AR 111 Design: Color   3 CR
Design principles are explored through the investigation of color interaction and color theory. Emphasis is on pigment mixing and the control of intervals of value, chroma and intensity. Prerequisite: AR 110

AR 112 Three-Dimensional Design   3 CR
Explores ideas dealing with mass, volume and planes in space using various materials. Prerequisite: AR 110

AR 114 Digital Design Basics   3 CR
An introduction and exploration of primary graphic design programs concentrating on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Basic design concepts are explored in assignments, ensuring a basic understanding of the technological tools of design.

AR 117 Computers in Fashion
This course is an introduction to the use of computers and software in the basic process of designing fashion and accessories. This is an introductory class designed to teach students how to create fashion designs and presentations on the Macintosh computer. An introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator is part of the course.

AR 120 Drawing I   3 CR
Explores fundamental problems of composition and perception as related to drawing. Experimentation is with varied media directed toward both the descriptive and expressive visual conceptualization of ideas.

AR 130 Painting I   3 CR
An introduction to painting methods and media. Guided experimentation in oil or acrylic with emphasis on content, color interaction and properties of the media. Prerequisites: AR 111 and AR 120

AR 131 Watercolor   3 CR
An introduction to varied techniques of paint application. Assignments are based on direct studies of nature, still life and conceptual thinking. Prerequisites:AR 111 and AR 120

AR 161 Animation, Comic and Fantasy Art I   3 CR
The academic study of the human body in motion, with an emphasis on dynamic positions that are the common denominators in animation, comic or fantasy art. Prerequisite: AR 220
AR 162 Animation, Comic and Fantasy Art II   3 CR
Emphasis on each student's given area of professional interest, such as animation cells, comic storytelling, or fantasy book cover art. Prerequisites: AR 161 and AR 221

AR 201 Studies in Modern Art   3 CR   
An analysis of the works and questions raised by the arts of the 19th and 20th centuries. Examines the roles of modern artists as they reflect and project or comment on life in the 20th century.

AR 204 Renaissance Art   3 CR
A critical discussion of the historical, conceptual and formal changes in the visual arts within the 15th and 16th centuries. Includes an analysis of the influence of Italian and northern European painting on European cultures.

AR 205 European Art: 17th–19th Century   3 CR
Discussion of the major developments in painting, sculpture and architecture during the 17th and 18th centuries as modified by the historical situations and humanistic values in specific countries.

AR 206 Contemporary Art   3 CR
Examines art currently in galleries and museums. Surveys the development of new approaches to form and analyzes the formal idea as related to execution and content. Prerequisite: AR 201
AR 208 Introduction to Eastern Art   3 CR
Explores issues such as continuity and dichotomy of subject and style and other significant issues of Eastern art. Eastern attitudes are compared and contrasted with the art and ideas of parallel Western periods.

AR 211 Graphic Design I   3 CR
An introduction to classical and modern types, the mechanics of type composition and the fundamentals of layout. Consideration is given to the selection of types that enhance thought and idea. Prerequisite: AR 114 

AR 220 Drawing II   3 CR
Development of the student's ability to conceive the figure as form and volume with stress on gesture, proportion and anatomy. Emphasis is on a refinement of techniques for individual expression and self-awareness. Prerequisite: AR 120

AR 221 Drawing III   3 CR
An intensive investigation of media and form as related to the figure. Problems progress from structural ideas to more sophisticated exploitation of subject matter and finally to individual interpretations. Prerequisite: AR 220

AR 223 Three-Dimensional Drawing   3 CR
Deals with the rendering of three-dimensional space and forms. Visual processes relating to depth of field, objects in deep space, volume modeling and conceptualizing are explored. Prerequisites: AR 110 and AR 120

AR 225 Design for the Web   3 CR
Development of skills for creating web sites and interactive presentations. Emphasis on the effective organization and visual presentation of information through Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Prerequisite: AR 114

AR 230 Painting II   3 CR
Development of painting techniques with emphasis on pictorial organization and color sensitivity. Focus on the development of creativity and individuality. Prerequisite: AR 130

AR 231 Painting III   3 CR
Development of individual expression through exploration of independent compositional ideas and technical means related to content. Critiques and evaluations are constant. Prerequisite: AR 230

AR 250 Introduction to Illustration   3 CR
Introduction of fundamental techniques used in professional illustration. Secondary emphasis on business aspects of commercial art. Assignments range from portraiture to sequential art storyboards. Prerequisite: AR 220

AR 260 Illustration II   3 CR
Emphasis is on the technical study of color pencils and watercolor. As the semester progresses, greater emphasis is placed on content and imaginative solutions. Focus is on the information gathering inherent in illustrative problem solving. Prerequisite: AR 250

AR 261 Illustration III   3 CR
Continued emphasis on traditional illustrative techniques used in conjunction with the digital application of Adobe Photoshop. Students are encouraged to create works of substance and complexity in regard to composition and thematic content. Prerequisite: AR 260

AR 262 Head Painting and Drawing   3 CR
Covers structural painting and drawing of the head and its character. Emphasis on historical and traditional methods of representation using various media and techniques. Prerequisite: AR 220

AR 264 Advertising Illustration   3 CR
Deals with imparting visual impact and excitement for the selling of products and services. Developing illustrations for advertising with consideration of reproduction requirements. Problems deal with line, black-and-white, limited and full-color advertising. All media. Prerequisite: AR 261

AR 270 Graphic Design II   3 CR
Includes development of ideas as related to print media, package design, publication design and corporate identity systems. Emphasis on the ability to create effective problem-solving concepts. Prerequisites: AR 211 and AR 114

AR 271 Graphic Design III   3 CR
Focuses on solving specific design problems by establishing ideas from rough layout to tight comps and coordinating the elements to create effective visual statements.Prerequisite: AR 270

AR 272 Advertising Design   3 CR
Explores aspects of print advertising, including its creation and presentation. Stresses concepts as related to advertising promotion. Prerequisites: AR 211 and AR 114

AR 276 Interactive 2D Animation   3 CR
Development of skills for creating 2D animation, interactive presentations, and web sites. Emphasis on the effective organization and visual presentation of information through Adobe Flash. Prerequisite: AR 114

AR 280 Interactive Motion Graphics   3 CR
Provide a comprehensive, project-based introduction to industry-standard motion graphics and compositing applications. To produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia and web.
Prerequisite: AR 276

AR 299 Special Topics in Art   3 CR
New or occasional courses that may become part of the department's permanent offerings. Courses capitalize on timely topics, an instructor's particular interest or alternatives to existing courses. Prerequisite: Established by department

AR 320 Drawing IV   3 CR
Focuses on advanced problems of perception, structure, anatomy and concepts in drawing the human figure. Emphasis on independent development of the expressive use of various drawing media. Prerequisite: AR 221

AR 330 Painting IV   3 CR
Studio emphasis on development and clarification of personal and imaginative statements. Initiative and discipline toward the production of a sustained body of consistent work is expected. Prerequisite: AR 231

AR 360 Illustration IV   3 CR
Focus is on editorial- and thematic-based subject matter utilizing illustrative tools and techniques introduced in previous illustration classes including traditional and digital applications. Emphasis is on the continued development and preparation of idea sketches in relation to problem solving of illustrative art. Prerequisite: AR 261

AR 363 Editorial Illustration   3 CR
A study of illustration with short story and editorial views. Preparation of idea sketches in relation to the text, page layout and finished illustrations. Prerequisite: AR 260

AR 370 Graphic Design IV   3 CR
An in-depth investigation of realistic promotional programs ranging from concept to finished visual. Emphasis on individual creative solutions relative to product and idea, budget and client. Prerequisites: AR 112 and AR 271

AR 390 Graphic Design Portfolio   3 CR
Development of a professional portfolio, resume and promotional materials. Guidance from faculty and visiting professionals. Prerequisites: All required art courses in major emphasis.

AR 391 Senior Project   3 CR
Encompasses problem-solving and techniques indicative of the ability to work as a mature and independent artist. Includes preparation and presentation of work.Prerequisites: All required art courses in major emphasis.

AR 392 Illustration Portfolio   3 CR
The continued development and final construction of a professional presentation portfolio, resume and promotional materials. Additional focus on business-related information, such as taxes, expenses and contracts. Prerequisites: AR 360 & all required art courses in major emphasis.

AR 396 Internship   3 CR
By permission of department chair.