Course Descriptions

AN 103 Archeology     3 CR
Focuses on how archeology as a scientific discipline attempts to understand the development of the cultural adaptations of human groups throughout prehistory and history, and how archeology interprets the past. Topics include how archeological sites are formed, dating techniques and the analysis of plant, animal, and human artifacts and remains. With a hands-on approach, students are presented case scenarios relating to archeological digs to better understand the thinking process involved in reconstructing the past.

AN 110 Human Cultural Diversity     3 CR
The aim of this course is for students to develop an anthropological imagination and appreciate its relevance for living in the contemporary world. An anthropological imagination involves cultivating an interest in and an understanding of the unity, diversity, and development of human biology, society, and culture. As an introduction to the study of human cultural diversity, this course emphasizes the concept of culture, human socio-cultural variation, and patterns of socio-cultural change in contemporary human societies. 

AN 201 World Cultures     3 CR
Examines a cross section of societies, including hunter-gatherer, horticultural, peasant, pastoral and industrial. Themes of cultural diversity, cultural contact and understanding “the other.”

AN 205 North American Indians     3 CR
Covers the cultural development and diversity of aboriginal North America, the impact of European contact on Native American societies and contemporary issues among North American Indians.

AN 250 Doing Ethnography: Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences     3 CR
The aim of this course is for students to develop an understanding of and an ability to use ethnography as a method of social science research. Combining theoretical and applied readings and practical assignments, the focus is on participant-observation and interviewing, writing fieldnotes, and the transformation of field data into ethnographic documents. In addition, this course is designed for students to develop an understanding of the epistemological, political, and ethical issues surrounding ethnographic research. Prerequisite: SO 110 or AN 110

AN 280 Native American Literature     3 CR
Native American literature is explored in order to develop an understanding of the history, society and culture of Native Americans, and an appreciation of their literary contributions. 

AN 299 Special Topics in Anthropology     3 CR
Designates new or occasional courses (i.e., one capitalizing on a timely topic). Prerequisites: Established by the department as appropriate for the specific course.