The Role of Women and Violence They Face

Student: April Jauregui*
Major: Spanish

In every society since the beginning of time, violence has been present in some form. Today, violence still has a major effect on the lives of many in numerous countries across the globe. Many consider the abuse and devaluation of women to be one of the most serious and frequent forms of violence. By any means, the violation of women takes place in all cultures, although in many ways it has changed over time. In today’s society, resources to help women in struggling situations are much more prevalent than in the past. However, the dangers of this type of violence oftentimes occur in the house or in other, more private spaces. Regardless, they can certainly be perpetuated and provoked by the society at large and how it values the women of its culture. Nonetheless, this type of abuse continues to affect all people on a grand scale around the world.

While still maintaining a global view on the topic, there is a focus on the sexism still prevalent in Spanish culture. Using the phenomenon known as machismo as a guide, sexism runs rampant in literature, pop culture and even colloquial phrases. This concept lends to the violence against women found in Spanish culture, along with the typical roles of men and women in the society. Utilizing her experiences during her semester abroad, the author writes of the presence of violence against women in Spain in both Spanish and English, drawing comparisons to the United States and various other countries.

*Honors Senior