Two-Nurse Skin Assessments

Student: Caitlin Liner*
Mentor: Susan Goncalves
Major: Nursing

Pressure ulcers acquired within healthcare facilities, or prior to admission, have become a significant issue nationally and locally. St. Vincent’s Medical Center, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is one of the countless healthcare environments where the surveillance of the pressure ulcer prevalence occurs. Utilization of two-nurse skin assessments during each shift  would allow for early intervention of pressure ulcers, reduce the patients’ risks of infection or further injury, decrease hospital costs, and increase patient satisfaction. These assessments would involve the collaboration of any two registered nurses examining the skin of patients together rather than the typical process, which entails just one nurse. By using this evidence-based approach, nursing documentation of skin abnormalities would be more consistent and patient care would be more efficient. My capstone project was designed to educate one medical unit’s nurses on the detrimental effects of pressure ulcers and the advantages of nursing collaboration in regards to routine skin assessments. These aspects are depicted in the PowerPoint teaching tool. The anticipated outcome of this tool will focus on the unit nurses’ qualitative feedback, measured by their written evaluations and perceptions following my presentation.

*Honors Senior