Game Development: A Technical Approach

Students: Christopher Bennett and Andrew Jackman*
Mentors: Frances Grodzinsky and Efim Kinber
Major: Computer Science

With many new environments available to game developers, there has been a shift away from programming the content of a game, towards the engine itself performing all the complex operations behind the scenes. This project will demonstrate a greater focus on the algorithms used in the backend to create an interesting and engaging game while using the game environment to handle the look and feel of the game. Through the use of complex procedural content generation algorithms, this project will provide players with countless outcomes of gameplay, including different levels and different player equipment, with only a minimal application of artistic design. While this project uses the Unreal Game Engine, doing so allows for a focus of time on these complex algorithms rather than developing a whole new engine. While these game engines provide an excellent tool for any game designer, whether artistically inclined or technically inclined, a focus on the development of technical content, over artistic content, provides players with a more enjoyable gaming experience.

*Honors Senior