Fusion †

Student: Danielle D’Onofrio*
Mentor: David Bloom
Major: Graphic Design and Marketing

This project will focus on taking my concept of the Fusion brand and turning it into a real business. The Fusion line consists of a dress, shirt, skirt and pants that are completely convertible through the use of zippers, These pieces can be manipulated to have different hem lengths, necklines and additional accessories. I will be studying how to turn this concept into a business will utilize all the skills I have learned in my business classes such as identifying a target market and forming a brand as well as utilize my graphic design skills.

My goal for this project is to learn through trial and error how to get a business off the ground.

  • I will begin by refining my products.
  • I will explore who my target market is. By understanding my target market, I can better position my brand to appeal to them.
  • I will create a SWOT analysis to research my competitors and see what products that are similar to mine already exist on the market.
  • I will then have a prototype of the Fusion shirt made.
  • I will also create a business model, which includes multi-channel retailing strategies.

The main problem I am trying to solve with this project is how to bring a concept and turn it into a realistic business. I believe this project would be a great experience to take everything I have learned in the classroom and put it into practice. This project would be important to the fashion community as it would show other young entrepreneurs such as myself how to take and innovative idea and turn it into a thriving business.

I plan to achieve my goal by learning from the course Fashion Branding about brand elements and touch points and how these are used to create brand equity of a product or service. I will use my design knowledge to design the artistic elements of creating a brand such as color, symbols, and typography.

*Honors Senior

† Special Honors Project