Maslow’s Pyramid: The Life of Abe

Student: Nathan Perez*
Mentor: Andrew Miller
Major: Media Studies

Abraham Maslow, a renowned psychologist, proposed a theory that humans have specific needs in order to live a self-actualized life. The way he structured these needs was in the form of a Pyramid which formed a Hierarchy of Needs. The 5 levels, from order of the most basic to the highest level is physiological: the needs of the body in order to function, safety: which protects the person’s physical and emotional wellbeing, love and belonging: the desire for interpersonal and feeling that they belong, esteem: a need to feel respected by his peers and loved ones, and finally self-actualization. Most people have heard of this theory, but I’ll be present it in an entertaining way.  I will be creating the first episode of my series Maslow’s Pyramid: The Life of Abe as a way for people to learn about Abraham’s theory. It follows the life of his fictional great grandson, Abe, as he goes through his life attempting to satisfy his needs. Abe is not as intellectual as his great grandfather, so he gets involved in quite outrageous situations. My presentation will include the first episode and commentary from me.

*Honors Senior