The Craft of Writing The Short Story

Student: Christina Ciufo
Mentor: Anita August
Major: English

For my Academic Festival talk, I will be presenting my short story "Confederate Solider," which is part of The Quilt of Horrors collection that I’ve composed in my Creative Writing capstone with Dr. August. In this particular short story, “Confederate Solider,” demonstrates the various writing techniques such as description of the settings and characters, using time for when characters remember a certain memory or a moment that the characters had together, the psychology of the characters, supernatural elements, and the research that was put into this short story. This story takes place during the Civil War where a young bride becomes distraught over hearing her lover's death in battle. Not accepting Mason’s death, Josephine is will do anything to bring him back to her even from death. However, by using dark magic to bring Mason back to life, Josephine realizes that Mason is not the same man that she fell in love with. Therefore, this short story is an example of intertwining historical references such as the Civil War and the mindset of Northern society during the Civil War. This can also include the individuals, whether they were soldiers or civilians that were impacted during the Civil War in both a physical and psychological way. Furthermore, this short story will also look into the

motivation behind the character’s actions, what is Josephine hoping to gain from reviving her beloved in the first place, their morality, and the supernatural. The craft techniques that are seen in this short story includes an omniscient narrator and detailed of the characters Josephine and Mason. For the description of the two main characters, the reader will see the change within these two characters especially with Mason who goes through the most change in the story from being a loving man into something that is no longer seen as human, but a demon within his corpse. Thus, this short story will be looked at for the craft of writing that was put into this and the historical reference during the Civil War.